The Subdued Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets is not a common option, but if you dare to try using this color, you’ll be surprised by what its present. Grey is often a secondary color or accent color. Rarely people choose grey as the main color scheme of a room, especially the kitchen. Some people consider grey as monotonous and not passionate color. Actually, if you choose the right shade, you can even use grey to represent your personality and atmosphere that you want to bring.

Grey is a neutral color that can soothe a busy mind. Many people associate sedate color with white, blue, brown, and beige, without ever thinking about the light grey. When you use grey kitchen cabinets, it will immediately become the color that dominates the room because the cabinets is the biggest part of a kitchen. They offer a simple and clean look to the space, which is the key to bring a contemporary style. They are also perfect when paired with the stainless steel appliances since the tone matches the color.

You can easily combine grey kitchen cabinets with other color because of its neutral character. Vibrant colored accents such as bright yellow pendants and faux flowers, rich color tile backsplash, or orange seats on the eating area will make your kitchen look more cheerful and lively. Looking for a way to create a glamourous space? Gilded corner on the cabinets is the quickest way to bring the catchy look. Present the warmth of traditional kitchen with solid wood worktops and dark hardwood floor.

If you decide to choose darker shade of grey kitchen cabinets, you have to be careful so your kitchen will not look dull and narrow. For a smaller space, you will be happy to have a high-gloss cabinets because they are still able to reflect the light from the lighting fixtures and windows. White countertops and handles are great to balance the dark colored units. What do you think about grey kitchen cabinets? Share with us!

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