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The Technique Of Sponge Painting Walls

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Distressed Laminate Flooring Dark Bourbon

The sponge painting walls is one of many painting techniques you can use to add even more style to the walls. Start sponge painting walls with the base color, the color you want to see on your walls, but a few shades lighter. After painting the darkest on the lightest color, drag a sponge over the surface while the paint is still wet. This technique allows the lighter color to show through the darker color, adding depth to the walls.

American has the appearance of historic paint colors like slate blue, red, light green and yellow and its can doing by sponge painting walls. Wide stripes painted on the walls and ceilings with red and white paint, while the blue slate accentuates the doors and moldings, you can give the impression of the American flag. To further accentuate the environment, adds some white stars stamped or used star decoration on the walls.

Sponge painting walls is a way to add designs to your room without painting the entire wall. Using a different color of paint that is currently on the wall, paint a variety of designs to improve the room, including vines, flowers and other shapes. The stencil painting can be applied by rubbing with a small brush to a uniform appearance or swirling for a less formal look.

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