Tips For Selecting Blackout Curtain

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The blackout curtain is an ideal accessory to take these and other benefits to the composition of the home. It used to block the entry of light in the room, perfect for those who want to sleep in without facing the glare of the sun that enters the room in the morning. There are some tips for selecting it. After measuring the length and width of your window, it is recommended to choose a fabric for blackout curtains with at least 40 cm off, the measure you need.

This is because when installing blackout curtain may leave 20 cm tissue on each side of the window. It is also indicated that the rod or rail that is mounted on the wall is 20 cm more on each side in relation to the window size.

For those who do not like to leave the show the path of blackout curtain, there is the option of hiring a professional or company that specializes in projects with plaster to create a curtain, which will result in a finish that lowers the ceiling of the home in about 15 cm, leaving a “go undercover” for placing the rail. The technique can also be applied on the sides of the window, which helps to further prevent light from entering the environment.

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