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Category: Garage Archive

Popular Garage Bike Storage Ideas

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A bicycle provides good exercise and cheap transportation, but store one in confined spaces can be a problem. Hanging over a wall frees up space on the floor and keeps it out of the way for cleaning and storage underneath. For the garage bike storage ideas of everyday bike should...

Garage Tool Storage Ideas

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Wall Hook perforated garage tool storage ideas, Keep your tools in the view by creating a hook tool board. To create your board, hang a sheet of pegboard safely from a wall in your workplace. Purchase strong hooks to attach to the board, and position them to keep their tools. Aft...

Garage Storage Ideas Diy

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Pine boards are inexpensive and have a decorative look, if you leave the original finish or painted wood. Most stores sell home improvement pine pieces the right size and shape to create separate shelves in your garage. Garage storage ideas diy racks are a must if gardening suppl...