Treatment Front Door Window Coverings

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Front door window coverings – Window treatments rice paper shoji are covered with translucent window screen views letting light in soft, muted, warm tones. Shoji is a term used for traditional wood and paper screens found in Japanese homes for centuries. The screens are traditionally used as movable doors, but the role of rice is used to make the accordion and rolling screens, screens to fit any window, curtain walls and pocket size.

Rice paper used in treatments front door window coverings is not edible rice paper used in Japanese cooking. It is made of thick paper or mulberry trees or shrubs Japanese and fibers specially treated to make it strong, shiny and translucent. It is available in different shades of light colors, bright white to gray to tan and pastel colors. Although available in sheet form and can be used in Plexiglas it not meant to be used around water, showers or washbasins.

Traditional shoji screens are sliding doors and movable partitions of the room but are also made to front door window coverings. Frames are made from natural wood truss, unfinished or lightly tinted with rice paper. Window screens rice paper are easy to customize for any window size, elegant, unusual window treatments to complement a variety of decoration, modern, eclectic and Asian building.

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