Type Of Patio Door Locks

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Patio door locks – Locks on the patio doors are available in a variety of designs and finishes that add security while seamlessly blending with the color and shape of the door. A stud feet fixed to the lower inner surface of a patio door. The pin stand features a retractable bolt, with spring, when activated, it slips through the doorway and into a hole drilled through the concrete or wood underneath. Once locked in place, the ground pin prevents operation of the door from the outside.

The closing of the sliding door ensures a sliding patio door locks to a jamb or wall. The closure has a bar in a “J” that accommodates both wall mounted and door panels. The finger plates in the center to form a cylinder through which the rod passes. The bar “J” turned upside down and inserted at the same time through the cylinder on each plate.

A patio door locks chain binds a door to the wall by connecting the two sides with a string. A chain hangs a plaque attached to the wall or door jamb and a disc at the end of the chain added to a slotted plate bolted to the door. Door chains appear often in hotels.

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