Types Of Herb Garden Design

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Nice Herb Garden Design

Herb garden design has played a useful role in making a better life for people. If you add to a tasteful dinner plate, helping with the creation of a desirable aroma or relieving the pain of a sick person, herbs often take center stage. Herbs that grow in the backyard, or even in containers on the deck, can be both easy and cost-effective. Special herb gardens can focus on a particular area of ​​interest.
Traditional home remedies use much herb garden design. Although some have mild healing abilities, it is always best to consult with your doctor before consuming herbs to make you feel better. A garden of medicinal herbs must be approached with care and knowledge. According to folklore, chamomile teas induce sleep, while peppermint tea aids digestion. Lemon balm gives energy and restores memory loss.
Planning an herb garden design requires knowing which plants are annual, biennial and perennial. Cilantro and dill are examples of annual plants, but if you allow them to go to the seed they will sow again themselves. Biennials, such as cumin and parsley, extend over two seasons. Most culinary herbs are perennial. Bay, fennel, tarragon and savory are all shrubby plants that survive the winter and return to flowering in the spring.

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