Unique Distressed Hardwood Flooring

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When people started buying torn jeans and brand new, they became a favorite dress trend and now that idea has moved to distressed hardwood flooring is a unique type of flooring design. A distressed hardwood floor is standard flooring material is aged to a rustic and “worn” look.
Installing a hardwood floor in your home is an important decision. Rather than follow the standard conventions of the use of oak or other hardwood floor common type, installing a number of unique distressed hardwood flooring. Unconventional hardwood flooring can give your home a look that cannot be achieved with other flooring materials and helps to stand your home decor.
The majority of the distressed hardwood flooring materials available are all precisely cut and formed with the aid of machines. A hand-scraped floor makes use of material that has been cut and formed entirely by hand. You can see the grooves of the tools that made the flat surface of your wood and feel the imperfections as you walk across the floor show. The colors in this wood are a sharp contrast between brown, red, yellow and orange. The patterns weaving in and out and create one of the most individualized looking hardwood floors available.

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