Unique Sliding Barn Doors

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Sliding Barn Doors

Country, cottage, or farmhouse styled home without sliding barn doors is not complete. I must say that the barn doors are the first thing that I want to install if I plan to change the style of my house into a country or cottage styled. Barn doors have a distinctive style that many people love. Even people who have a modern home decided to use barn doors as one of their interior door to add interest in their home. Whether it’s the entrance to the master bedroom, bathroom door, closet door, or kitchen cabinet door, sliding barn door offers wonderful impression to any space in your home.

If you think sliding barn doors should always impressed a rustic feeling, well, it is not. Most barn doors lovers prefer to make it look natural so they just finish it with clear coat. But, you can paint it with any color according to the color scheme on your home, you can make it fancy with glass panels, make it fun with vinyl letters, make it as a dressing mirror with a mirror installed on it, you can use it to display your favorite pictures and posters, and so on.

You can find a lot of DIY tutorials to make barn doors. It is quite a difficult project, but if you can do it, you can save a lot of money. Most of the DIY barn doors project only cost under $100. You may need to pay more to make a bigger door, but it certainly much cheaper if you buy the barn doors from the door manufacturers. To make the sliding barn doors, you just need lumber panels (usually pine wood), hardware supplies consisting of conduit pipe, floor flanges, pipe nipples, 90° elbows, rolling casters, hex bolts, and eyehooks, and other tools such as miter saw, wood glue, screw driver, nail gun and brad nails, sander and sand paper, and wood screws. What do you think about sliding barn doors?

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