Unique Wall Clocks Designs

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Unique wall clocks – A watch is something that you can be sure will be present in every home. There is one thing that everyone uses to show taste and style, put something on the wall. If you’re a geek who wants to know the time in a way that is unique, creative and complex, then the clock More Geeky mentioned in this article for you.

For those who do not need to know the exact time but something more or less close, or people who love unique wall clocks, one of which is an hour and a piece of kinetic sculpture that uses ball bearings. Bearing parts using invisible magnetic subsurface watch, and only a small mark on the surface indicates 12.

Unique wall clocks this shows the time scrolling your desktop and shows the long continuous sentence. Then there is another model unique wall clock, which uses gears to function. It rotates slowly and gently creating unique and entertaining enough to put in the center of the room every hour. These watches are ideal for the modern home where needed something a little different. These watches are made of high-quality black plastic with some metal components. This clock is made of bicycle gears are constantly moving. This is a great gift for mountain bike fans who never know what to get.

And what better to be punctual than having a clock in every room of the home? The number of designs that accompany these two hands is infinite. Whether you buy them in a decoration shop or make them yourself. Check this book of ideas to include them in your spaces. Even a sun in the garden, so you can enjoy the time you spend in each one.
While the primary function of the chamber is rest, watches are a decorative element that adds personality. And distinction to your space. That is why you must choose a design that does not look like clock properly speaking. But rather an artistic element. It is equally important to buy or build one that does not make much noise. Since it will be impossible to fall asleep with a ticking tic tac accompanying you all night. The good thing is that smart phones have replaced alarm clocks, so it will not matter whether or not the numbers or the hands of the clock that you install are visible.
Do not let anything stop you! If you are a creative person, you can turn any object into a watch. Wood-cut or pvc-cut laser images, a self-adhesive vinyl design that covers almost the entire wall, a freehand drawing or acetate discs. You can install a motor and a few hands, it can be turned into a clock.
If your office has an international character, installs several clocks in series and sets the time of each country for which you work, so you can monitor your colleagues at headquarters. If your precision is yours, a digital clock with hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds and microseconds is also possible. Those who have alarm installed will help you not to miss appointments or deliveries. If you want to look sophisticated, a pendulum clock could look good even though the movement and the sound of it can become distracting elements.

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