Vintage Industrial Wall Clock Styles

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Industrial Wall Clock Electric

Industrial wall clock in vintage styles do play roles as decorative feature and functional furniture at the same time. Designers like Edwards, Steampunk and Smith Sectric are best popular these days. They are great for home fireplace and even school in large size. We have some in our home. The vintage styles create warm and inviting look that we can always feel each time in the room. Wood and metal are combined to create a quite decorative accent. They look great in adding colors and textures. We bought them at online store retailers. The prices are just for such antique vintage pieces.

eBay, Amazon and TheFind are best online sites that you can access for finding pieces of the wall clocks. Making some comparisons is just great to get best product quality and price. Especially the Roman clock that really unique in becoming a centerpiece in our fireplace mantel. We tried to make one by using wood sawed into round shaped. Painting the number is easy and we have done best and you can see the image gallery to find the item.

You can do it yourself in how to make an industrial wall clock. It is easy, cheap and indeed fun to make yourself able to pour creativity. Plan everything well and in the weekend, doing it will be great.

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