What Kind Of Lighted Wall Mirror Does You Go To?

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Bulb Lighted Wall Mirror

One of the functions of lighted wall mirror is to expand the spaces. If you want your bathroom to look bigger than it is, and brighter, choose a mirror that occupies the entire top of the wall. Do not limit it to the sink area and let it spread all over the wall. The feeling of spaciousness will surprise you. When deciding on one style or another of decoration in the mirror, the frame has the key.

A modern and enameled one will give a more modern look to your bathroom, while a baroque or a lot of gold will create a classic and elegant atmosphere. Another option is, you can combine different styles and transgress a bit the established rules, as they have done with lighted wall mirror, part of a pompous golden frame to finish leaving half of the mirror without framing.

Surely you’ve seen them in more than one magazine, because this classic never goes out of style and today is more trends than ever and not just for the bathroom. Just a round mirror and leather belts served to create one of the most famous lighted wall mirror in history. If you have a bathroom with a lot of style, the icing on the cake can be to get one of these. You imagine?

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