Where To Create A Good Rain Garden Design?

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DIY Rain Garden Design

Rain garden design is an essential contribution for any sustainable garden, since they contribute to preserve the environment and the health of the rivers. They are a good method to reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the sewers, thanks to its design that allows collecting rainwater that runs through all impervious surfaces, filter and redirect it towards the water tables.

Rain garden design is an area of ​​land cultivated with varieties of native plants, in which the rainwater is absorbed and purified by natural actions, passing through layers of sand, stones, clays, dry leaves and others. The water thus filtered is losing the dirt and recovering its purity, being able to be better used. Rain gardens, due to their design and conception.

Make it possible to restore the natural cycle of rainwater, by creating natural areas in which 99% of the pollutants washed away by rainwater are filtered, preventing this water from following the traditional Collection process by sewers and treatment plants. Rain garden design can be created in any place and city. You just have to know that the more it rains, the easier it will be to implement one. If rainfall is scarce in your place of residence, it must be planned with more care,   in the lowest area of ​​the land, or by making basin systems that direct the water towards a depressed area.

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