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Window valance ideas – Windows allow in maximum light and create a natural window seat. A scarf valance is a good choice for any home with a bay window, and accentuating the window without block excess light. They are also quick and easy to install. Hang the fabric of your scarf valance so that a slight semicircle in each of the three panes of the bay window is formed.

The key to this look is to keep things as symmetrical and identical as possible. Adjust the scarf valances so the fabric panels hanging there on the sides of the extreme left and the extreme right of the bay window are exactly alike. The overall look will emphasize the harmony of his bay window valance ideas shape.

And centered perfectly scarf window valance ideas creates a distinctive, balanced, focused not look it can also give a shocking artistic look. For example, the fabric covers her scarf valance for creating hanging semicircles of different sizes. Working from left to right, with the section of the scarf valance above the left pane of the window of the bay making a slight semicircle scarf valance above the central panel bay window making a somewhat larger semicircle. The final section of the scarf valance making the largest suspension semicircle.

Window Valance Ideas beside Scarf Styles

If you want, you can hang the blinds or shades behind the curtain of light control and privacy. Simple ruffled valances are widely available in stores and is easy to sew yourself. They are basically long strips of fabric with a rod pocket of one of the single pages. Buy or make your screen edges twice as wide as the window. When you slide a curtain rod in the rod pocket, gathers valance and bunches up on the pole, forming a frill. A simple ruffled valance is a very classic look that blends well with a variety of interior styles.
Tailored valances come in many forms, with the common denominator is that they are free ruffles and frills. Tailored valances hang often straight and taught. They can be virtually stripped, or may include pleats, piping or other structured data. Tailor-made curtain work well in a boy’s room, because their textured look has a more masculine look.
An awning valance gives a casual, whimsical, chic feel to the nursery. While the awning valances not really functioning awnings, they give the appearance of an awning, evoking picturesque and cheerful images of sunshine, porches and summer days. Awning curtain is not often available ready-made in stores. You may have to make one yourself, or have a tailor.
You can get really creative when hanging a series of articles over the top of a window as a coat, depending on the sex of your baby and your nursery theme. For a girl’s room could hang small baby dresses on a short clothesline over the top of a window or a series of floral straw hats. For a boy’s room, you can hang nautical flags, or simply staple of sports pennants at the top of the window. Antique embroidered handkerchiefs are charming, too, and, depending on their design, could work for both boys and girls.

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