Wood Curtain Rod Projects

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Wood curtain rod may seem too simple for the modern home, especially in rooms like a living room with many windows. Use a curtain rod ornate wood to match other home decor features. For example, the wooden bars fit wood furniture, cabinets, flooring, artwork and paneling. You can hang almost any imaginable shade with a wooden rod. The result is an easy treatment project window to update a room.

Wood Auctions are added to wood curtain rod civil decorations. Match the wood finish until the end of the bar. You can also refinish the rod and finials to match, or screw on wooden spikes dramatically contrasting finish. Placing wood shots on both sides of each curtain rod wood in a room, a topic is created. These auctions also fit other accessories in the room as cabinet knobs and switches on the lamp.

An alternative to a wood curtain rod finishing with a shot at each end is a wooden stick carved. If you cannot carve the wooden ends of the bar yourself, you can buy wood curtain rod. For example, consider a curtain rod carved mahogany or cherry. The ends of the bar may include long ornate patterns carved. These issues can be flowers, leaves, vines, fruit or vegetables. You can place a curtain rod woodcarving in the standard curtain hardware.

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