Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

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Recent years the supply is becoming more extensive time and has incorporated modern models, ethnic and children, traditional wooden forging trends. Besides the choice of rail or bar the portavisillos have to take account of their fittings and accessories as Loon all bars serve any space, depending on where we are going to put our curtain the importance we want to give the bar can distinguish- Wrought Iron Curtain Rods between:

 Decorative bars. They have a decorative function; wrought iron curtain rods along with the practice merely provide support for curtains and drapes. Wall as required although these are solid (is discouraged or hanging wall falsotechos plasterboard) rails. Lack of decorative function since they are basically PVC or metal guides that are placed on the ceiling or wall so that the curtains falling from above.

Have a slide or wrought iron curtain rods slide part, through hooks, fasten the curtains and allow you to extend or push aside the curtains. The opening system may be lateral or central. The flat rails are suitable for much glued roof windows while easier to adapt to the rounded or angled holes curved rails. Some tracks feature on the front Velcro to easily put your side.

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