Wrought Iron Security Doors

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Originally, possession of forged iron for decorative and security reasons was the privilege of the rich. Huge wrought iron security doors worked hand door opened to long driveways leading to the front of the estates of aristocrats. Mass production of the iron gates became popular with the growing middle class of the industrial age for use in warehouses and small but beautifully intricate courtyard front doors. The 21st century reveals a new interest among consumers to own these same types of resistant doors.

Usually, there is a misconception about what is true wrought iron. Often, commercial advertising lists mild steel and cast iron as wrought iron security doors. Although these types of iron are against force wrought iron, decorative designs of the doors are removed from mass produced art of craftsmanship that reflects true wrought iron. Wrought iron acquires a different and artistically valuable unlike iron works made of steel molds and “patina”.

The 21st century encompasses a renewed interest in the identification and restoration of old wrought iron gates and other pieces of iron a hundred years or more. With the increasing interest in restoration, classic wrought iron security doors techniques once set the bar for practice in the blacksmith craft to repair and bring old wrought iron gates back to its original beauty.

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